Emails 101

Email Marketing Basics:

1. Lists Should be Relevant

Select only relevant lists.  It should not be a crap shoot.  Know the demographics you are targeting, your core audience.  Make sure the are in line with the lists you are sending to.  Pay attention to age, gender, interests, net worth, education, background, etc.   A list representative that is an order taker will most likely not be an asset to you.  A partner that will strategically help place you on the right lists is pertinent to successful campaign.  This is where we come in.

2. Subject Lines

The subject line is your next most important asset.  You can go to the best list, but if you have the wrong subject line, no one will open your email.   Subject lines can go 2 ways, either 1 or 2 words, (short and simple), or 4 – 5 words for newsy offers.  Anything Geo targeted does better if the city or location is mentioned in the subject line.  Stay away from spammy words.  We can help with all this.

Capture   vs.   Capture1   vs.   Capture2

Once they have opened your email, the inside needs to be attractive and compelling.  Your message should be clear, short and to the point. Most people won’t spend even a minute reading unless they’re highly committed to your organization. You’re sending a message to get your supporters to do something, so it should be crystal clear what you want them to do and how they should do it.  Big, clickable call-to-action buttons that jump off the page and are easy to touch from a phone.  When to use images and colors, and when to keep it simple.  We are happy to help.

3. Craft Your Message – Use Visuals…Sometimes


A picture is worth a thousand words, and is even more true with emails.  But make sure you know your audience and offer.  Too many images can cloud your message.  Some campaigns can convey everything you need with a powerful image and minimum text.  Other campaigns that target news or academically focused readers should have more text and focus on editorial more than images. Emails are a science and knowing your formula is of the utmost importance.

 4. Test and Test Some More…

When trying out new lists and creatives, split test your sends.  A/B or even A/B/C split your sends.  Putting all your eggs in one basket is not smart.  The results are how you make every send better than the last.  Test all hyperlinks and double check grammar always. Use the 3-second rule: sent it to someone you know similar to your target audience, open for 3 seconds then close, and see what jumped out at you. Did it match the main message you’re trying to get across?  Use the stats to make changes and keep the most successful parts of your emails, improving your ROI along the way.  Your Strategic Media Solution partner will help you with every step, all you have to do is ask.