Email Marketing

Email is the most profitable digital marketing channel: it pays for itself in spades, with every $1 spent on email yielding an average $44 return on average, if done right. But email has changed more in the last 5 years than any other form of direct marketing. Leading marketers now view email as part of a complete retention strategy capable of delivering significant revenue, instead of just a standalone channel.

IF you are just getting started or want to enhance your existing campaigns, we will help you reach your target audience.  Big budgets or small, we will work with you to increase your ROI.

1. Strategy and Planning

2. Email targeting, timing, etc

3. Creative Assistance

4. Analytic and Reporting

5. List Management

New to email? Email 101 

Why include Email Marketing? Read This

Work with a partner that has access to:

National – network with millions of subscribers

Local – visit Referrals2U

Segmented lists: gender, age, political preference, health, finance, etc.


Contact us and we’ll help you develop and execute your next email campaign.